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Add variety to your dishes with the recipe that we are presenting today.

The Goulash dishes are possibly one of the oldest dishes that exist and at the same time the most exquisite.


1 kg of kosher beef stew.

A red pepper and one green.

3 onions.

4 cloves of garlic.


Natural crushed tomato.

Olive oil.

Wine white “Viña Encina”.




Water or beef broth.

Preparation: Cut onions, cut brunoise peppers and leeks into very thin rings. The garlic is crushed and is all fry along with the kosher beef stew. Add a glass of wine and it is seasoned with salt and pepper. Once we have done the sauce put it to fire slow for a few minutes and then will be when to add water or beef broth, as you prefer. Now, leave it to simmer until the meat is tender, add the tomato puree and finally leave it again to fire slow for 20 minutes. Our Goulash is ready to consume, finally we can serve and serve to our guests. Despite being one of the oldest dishes is still topical. In addition, it is an ideal to serve with rice or pasta dish. Enjoy!


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